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Anat Shperling
Co-Founder & CEO,
Anat Shperling is co-founder and CEO of Toya, a female-led studio partnering with the biggest platforms in the gaming industry to develop and promote games that reflect equal opportunities, diverse characters, and more dynamic storylines across the gender spectrum. Her vision is to transform the realm of online gaming into a place where anyone can be who they wish to be, regardless of their gender, the color of their skin, or their physical address. Where girls and boys are not bound by the constraints of our imperfect world and can experience their own freedom, agency and potential.

Prior to Toya, Anat founded the Women in the Picture Association in Israel, leading a change in the status and representation of women filmmakers in the industry. The association’s flagship project was the International Women’s Film Festival.

Anat also served as the chairperson of the film committee at the Israeli Ministry of Education.  
  • 2022
February 9, 2022 | 1:00pm - 1:45pm PT