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Let's face it: The conversation surrounding the creator economy has hit a roadblock. Despite brands spending more of their budgets on creator campaigns, it's still largely viewed (and valued) as a tactic rather than a must-have growth strategy.

So, what's needed to shift this perception?

Knowledge and expertise.

On March 26th, we are launching the inaugural virtual speaker series, NETWORK of AUTHORITIES (NoA) and we would love to welcome you as a featured speaker.  
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NoA will be a neutral forum where the most respected subject matter authorities will cover topics including;
Technology solutions, measurement methodologies, community building, talent sourcing, the legal landscape, and, of course, AI solutions—the essentials required to move creator media and marketing forward.  
Our target audience includes brands, agencies, press, executives, retailers, investors, eCommerce and digital experts, and CFOs — decision makers eager to leverage creator marketing as an accountable and scaled growth engine.
Our format is distinctive: we will conduct highly prepared, insightful 7-10 minute interviews. The content will be delivered as dynamic case studies and learnings that highlight the core value propositions of Creator Marketing.
What our format will NOT have is fluffy self-promotion or humble brags — NoA delivers facts, expertise and insights.

And here’s the practical part: By participating as a speaker, you’ll not only contribute to fostering growth in the industry but also further position yourself as an authority in a growth industry.
This initiative is in partnership with Digital Media Wire, an events, marketing and strategy consulting firm that represents an A-List clientele of entertainment and technology brands, academic institutions, trade associations and government groups and owns and operates media properties and events, including Digital Entertainment World (DEW), LA Games Conference and RightsTech Summit.