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  • 2021

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February 09, 2021
11:00 - 11:45am PT

Melanie Capacia Johnson

 Head of Studio at Whistle Studios,
Team Whistle
For almost a decade since co-founding Tiny Horse, Melanie has provided the company and its dozens of top-tier clients over the years the ability to quickly scale and manage productions of all varieties from broadcast, theatrical, and digital. Since Team Whistle’s acquisition of Tiny Horse in May of 2020, Melanie has been integrated into the role of Head of Studios for the newly launched Whistle Studios.

Prior to joining Tiny Horse, Melanie produced indie films, unscripted and scripted episodics, and livestream broadcasts for Viacom and all the major networks and premium OTT platforms throughout her 15+ years of entertainment experience. She’s also an award-winning producer to several documentaries.

Her early career consisted of producing Live awards shows, with a broad list which includes: MTV Movie Awards, Video Music Awards, VH1's Hip Hop Honors, Rock Honors, Divas, Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys, SAG Awards, Oscars Red Carpet for Awards season.

Melanie is known within the industry for her unique ability to build teams that operate 360 ecosystem production apparatus’ around main IP’s that generate additional lines of revenue.

Under the Team Whistle banner, Melanie and her team have multiple premium scripted and unscripted projects attached to notable celebrity talent that are currently in development, production or newly released. These projects range from documentaries, films and series such as Don’t Look Deeper with Don Cheadle, Benedict Men in collaboration with Steph Curry, Legacy with Dwayne Wade, Curated with Whitney Cummings, Weekend Getaway in collaboration with Queen Latifah, Fightball with Carmelo Anthony to name a few projects currently on Whistle Studios slate.