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RIGHTSTECH: Music’s Modern Makeover

February 05, 2019
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
The recently passed Music Modernization Act rewrote the rules for how mechanical rights will be managed, licensed and accounted for in the U.S. Now, the industry needs to modernize its systems, business practices and record keeping to comply. What new tools do publishers, streaming services, artist management and other stakeholders need to achieve the goals of the new law? How will the MMA change the industry's view of open/closed data? 

Chauncy Jackson, CEO/Founder, Siri Music Group
Panos Panay, VP, Innovation and Strategy, Berklee College of Music
MODERATOR: Vickie Nauman, Founder/Owner, CrossBorderWorks


Chauncy Jackson
Siri Music Group
Panos Panay
VP, Innovation and Strategy,
Berklee College of Music
Vickie Nauman