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MUSIC: Hip Hop New Love Affair with Blockchain (Cryptocurrency)

February 05, 2019
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
Malibu/Santa Monica 
The Hip Hop industry has long been obsessed with money. From Jay-Z to Birdman, making money has been a theme throughout. Much of this, is simply the acknowledgement that money makes the world go round; a clairvoyant observation. It is this observation that makes cryptocurrency and Hip-Hop a perfect match.

The stage has been set for a general adoption of Bitcoin by the Hip Hop community. 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah, Nipsey Hussle, PitBull and Snoop Dogg, are some of Hip Hop's biggest stars that have either flirted with or directly accepted this currency, and the music industry, which has historically capitalized on industry earnings and its attributes, will likely see the utility in the decentralized crypto-currency. What’s prompting this new collective behavior? Tech This Out "Live" will examine how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is shaping the future of music and the world around us.