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CREATORS/INFLUENCERS: Influencer Marketing: Strategies For Success

February 04, 2019
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Pacific II
Digital influencers can be instrumental to getting content, services, and products in front of the right audiences. Still, brands walk a fine line between managing the message and allowing room for influencer authenticity. What are the most effective strategies today for working with influencers and what are the metrics that determine success? 

Phil Hickey, EVP Brand and Marketing, Seriously
Brittani Kagan, Head of Talent, Portal A
Kamiu Lee, CEO, Activate
Julia Moonves, VP of Sales & Business Development, pocket.watch
Mia von Sadovszky, SVP Group Strategic Planning Director, RPA
MODERATOR : Allison Dollar, CEO, ITV Alliance


Phil Hickey
EVP Brand and Marketing, 
Brittani Kagan
Head of Talent, 
Portal A
Kamiu Lee
Julia Moonves
VP of Sales & Business Development, 
Mia von Sadovszky
SVP Group Strategic Planning Director, 
Allison Dollar
ITV Alliance