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The Future of Media, Marketing, Advertising in California’s Legal Cannabis Market

February 06, 2018
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Sierra Ballroom
Now that cannabis is legal in California, what should the media, brands and advertisers be thinking about moving forward? What is legal and what is not legal? How will it all work? What can non-cannabis companies do to help educate the consumer to reduce the very outdated stigma?

Amanda Chicago Lewis, Columnist, Rolling Stone
Dan Goman, Founder & CEO, OWNZONES Media Network
Joshua Otten, Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder, prohbtd 
Tracy Ryan, Founder and CEO, CannaKids
MODERATOR: Jackie Subeck, CEO, Hey Jackpot!


Founder & CEO,
OWNZONES Media Network
Rolling Stone
Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder,
Founder and CEO,
Hey Jackpot!