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February 6, 2018
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Sierra Ballroom

Dan Goman

Founder & CEO,
OWNZONES Media Network

Dan Goman is the Founder and CEO of OWNZONES Media Network and a pioneer in the development and growth of the global OTT market. Launched in 2013, and in less than three years, Dan has taken his OTT startup in the content-provider business and transformed it into a tribrid global EntTech company. 

During the early stage of OWNZONES Media Network, Dan recognized that the company would achieve greater success by owning the streaming technology used for its content delivery system. He tasked himself and his talented team of software and tech experts to develop a solution. And, since Dan is an early-adopter, the result of their R&D lead to a development of a patent-pending technology within a year. Dan’s vision has positioned the company to be exceptional for it’s next-generation capabilities and fully IMF ready. Dan has now set his sights on market expansion, beginning with Europe and the introduction of several content-technology related initiatives.

A digital trailblazer, Dan, over the years, helped media companies such as Microsoft, Lucent Technologies and AT&T Wireless advance their technology. Goman is a graduate of the University of Maryland and put his technology career on the fast track with software companies in California and Texas before he landed at Lucent Technologies. His valuable experience at Lucent led him to Microsoft as a Software Developer/Network Management Specialist where he managed Microsoft’s entire network worldwide on all their devices.

Technology and computers come naturally to Goman, who hails from S.T.E.M.-focused Romania. When he was just a kid, his father had bought him an old IBM PC, complete with floppy discs. Goman spent hours programming it until one day when it finally crashed due to limited memory. Today, he enjoys hiking, perfecting his drone skills and working out at the gym.