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Sue Xu
Managing Partner,
Amino Capital

Dr. Sue Xu is a Managing Partner at Amino Capital, with investment theme of data moat, network effect and domain agnostic. She has successful investments from inception to unicorn in Generative AI, Consumer, SaaS and Frontier tech. She was interim CEO of CandyHouse and CyteSi. Since 2012, she has involved with more than 260 investments mostly in seed and Series A, with 17 unicorns and over 35 companies with valuation higher than $100M, including Chime, Rippling, Grail(acquired by Illumina), Webflow, Weee, DFINITY, Replit, Oasis Labs, OmiseGo, Turing, Wyze, GetAccept, Guesty, Avail MedSystems, Instawork, Wetravel, StarRocks, Karbon Card, Unbabel, and WriteSonic. Dr. Sue Xu began her early stage entrepreneurship when she was the founding scientist of GlycoMira (also involved in undergrad and PhD laboratory spin-offs). She has three patents and over 20 journal publications, and previously was a medical school researcher at Stanford University.
  • 2023
September 12, 2023 | 12:00pm - 12:30pm PT