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Shara Senderoff
Co-Founder & CSO,
Shara Senderoff is a well-respected technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Senderoff’s reputation for visionary strategy and foresight both technically and creatively has commanded both attention and praise throughout the entertainment industry.

Senderoff has been named one of Forbes’ “30 under 30,” Rolling Stone’s “Future 25,” Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” Billboard’s “40 Under 40” and esteemed “Women in Music.” As Co-Founder of open metaverse ecosystem, Futureverse, Senderoff leads a team of futurists shaping the next version of the internet. Alongside Futureverse, Shara also founded Born Ready, a venture fund and studio focused on investing in and incubating technology ventures shaping the future of the internet.

A prolific early adopter, Senderoff founded blockchain venture fund and studio, Raised In Space in 2018 alongside music industry titan, Scooter Braun and crypto leader, Ripple. Focused on Web3 in its earliest days, Senderoff constructed a portfolio of compelling metaverse infrastructure and leading NFT ventures and became a thought-leader for the technical possibilities of the future.

Senderoff also produces film and digital content and manages/advises music, creative and entertainment talent and ventures under her Something Gold banner.

A leading voice in the tech and entertainment communities, Senderoff facilitates strategic collaborations, growth and conversation in Web3, blockchain, the metaverse, NFTs/digital collectibles, crypto, gaming, virtual entertainment, royalties/copyrights, creator monetization, data science and AdTech—all of which are vital to the growth and sustainability of the entertainment ecosystem.

Senderoff is the former Vice President of Film and Digital at The Mark Gordon Company. After beginning her career as an intern in the film and television industry with legendary producers Scott Rudin (The Social Network) and Kevin Bright (“Friends”), she went on to produce content properties alongside mega-producer Mark Gordon (Grey’s Anatomy, 2012), developing feature films with all of the major film studios. Shara paved innovation by creating and architecting Mark Gordon's initial digital department to leverage technology, the social dynamics of the web and the company’s expertise in storytelling to develop new properties with cross platform capabilities.

Through this digital incubator, Senderoff founded tech startup Career Sushi (formerly Intern Sushi), an innovative job platform that hosted tens of thousands of hiring companies and millions of internship and job candidates giving them an opportunity to tell their stories, digitally. Career Sushi’s partnership with the music business gave her a front-row seat as to how technology could help solve challenges in music. She went on to advise a music roster including Capitol Records, Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Artist Partner Group, RCA, Spotify, Post Malone, Charlie Puth, and many more.

Senderoff has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, TechCrunch, The Hollywood Reporter, Entrepreneur Magazine, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan Magazine and more.
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