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Scott Broock
Totem Networks

Scott Broock has been riding the frontier ranges of law, telecommunications, entertainment, and mass media psychology for three decades to get behind the way “things” really work in a society and culture that is no longer on the internet, but in it. Prior to founding “Totem Networks” in 2018 as a boutique research, investment, and advisory firm focused on AI and entertainment, Broock was the former EVP of Digital Strategy and Innovation at Illumination Entertainment, the Global VR Evangelist for YouTube, and the earliest team member and VP of Content and Content Deal Development at Cinematic VR pioneer, Jaunt. In addition to his current work on an international test network for ultra-low latency entertainment, Broock is actively participating in the strategy and evolution of “AI Salons” that bring together the brightest minds and points of view on AI/ML in Los Angeles, with new chapters announced this past SIGGRAPH for Mexico City, New York, and Tokyo. If he could have only one book on a deserted island, it would be “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man” by Marshall McLuhan. 
  • 2023
September 12, 2023 | 2:15pm - 2:45pm PT