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Rachel Joy Victor
Co-Founder & Independent Consultant,

Rachel Joy Victor is an independent designer, strategist and worldbuilder, working with emergent technologies and mediums (XR/AI/web3) to create cohesive narrative, brand, and product experiences at the intersection of systems and humans. She designs for a range of applications: from multiplatform narratives and immersive experiences, to tools and platforms, to spaces and cities. Rachel draws from her education in computational neuroscience and spatial economics to facilitate the creation of data-informed emergent experience where world simulation and cognitive architectures intersect. Rachel’s clients have included Disney, HBO, Technicolor, Vans, Ford, Nike, Havas, Meow Wolf, Niantic, and many more. Rachel is also the co-founder of FBRC.AI, an initiative that connects studios and startups to innovate their content production workflows.

Rachel is passionate about offering a more complete picture of the considerations of design for our new reality, and has led executive education sessions at Activision, Unilever Prestige, WB/Sony/NBCU, UGGs, Crocs, and Red Bull, and spoken as an expert on design for emerging tech at the Dr. Phil Show, NAB Show, Infinity Festival, Future of Film Fest, Atos + SAP DEI Summit, Immerse Global Summit, Games for Change, and more.
  • 2023
September 12, 2023 | 2:15pm - 2:45pm PT