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Natalia Vasilyeva
VP of Marketing,
Natalia Vasilyeva, VP Marketing at Anzu, the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform on a mission to make advertising in games better, leads the global marketing team, which stretches from London to Minsk to Tel Aviv. She was employee number six at the company and continues to shape Anzu’s strategy, proposition, and roadmap, having helped transition the company from Start-Up to Scale-Up to its current status as the in-game advertising leader.

As an influencer and industry expert in her own right, Natalia has also played an essential role in establishing in-game advertising as a media channel over the past five years and has developed strong relationships with experts from many of the globe’s leading brands, game companies, and industry bodies.

Before Anzu, Natalia worked as a project and marketing manager for a global AdTech company Glispa, and the world leader of mobile fitness apps, Sport.com. A multilingual speaker and author, she writes extensively about AdTech and in-game advertising and frequently speaks at industry events around the world, educating audiences on the potential of gaming as an advertising medium.