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Jesse Kirshbaum
Chief Marketing Officer,
Jesse Kirshbaum has been in the trenches of the music business for over a decade. He started his career finding and developing talent. In fact, he worked with some of the biggest and most relevant artists of modern times. Jesse has extensive experience securing talent for concerts, tours and endorsement deals for his various clients and brand partners internationally. The same way he is known for helping break artists, he now focuses on building robust strategies and campaigns for big & emerging brands that wish to break into the mainstream zeitgeist. He founded Nue Agency (a creative boutique, named to Inc Mag’s 500 list as the 3rd fastest growing Media Company in America) to sit at the center of culture, brands and technology. He is the host of Hot 97’s web series “Hot In Tech” and is an authority in music tech culture, as well as the executive producer of the hit digital series #CRWN. Jesse writes and curates Beats and Bytes, one of the best weekly newsletters in entertainment and is currently working on his first book focused on the intersection of music, technology and brand marketing.

Kirshbaum was recently hired as the CMO of Dreamstage, a revolutionary music livestreaming company and lives in Miami, Florida. 
  • 2022
February 11, 2022 | 11:00am - 11:45am PT