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Jamil Moledina
Jamil Moledina is CEO of Hexagram, an immersive experience developer. For nearly a decade, Hexagram has developed ambient experiences for phones, the web, streaming video, and live venues. The gameplay uses everyday interactions and the company’s cloud-driven system to transport audiences into a story-based metaverse – delivering a way for fans to live in the worlds they love. For example, the company developed the Stranger Things: Operation Scoop Snoop collaborative spy game, in partnership with m ss ng p eces (Tribeca), Baskin-Robbins, and Netflix. It took fans down a rabbit hole of 80s tech, Soviet espionage, and personalized chat conversations with AI versions of actual show characters. The delight and volume of engagement the game brought to fans earned it a 2020 Interactive Emmy nomination.

Jamil has served the game industry community through tech platform, game publishing, and game dev operational management. He joined Hexagram to realize an immersive storytelling strategy, incubated through consulting on business development between film and games. Previously at Google, he published dozens of games to launch new VR, AR, TV, and streaming platforms. He also managed featuring and monetization partnerships for strategic mobile games launching on the Google Play app store. Prior to that, he co-founded Wormhole Games as CEO and developed the iOS game Tank Nation; led Funzio's business development to acquisition by Gree; introduced third party digital console games publishing at Electronic Arts; and built the Game Developers Conference into a global event.