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Donald Albright
Tenderfoot TV
California native Donald Albright is an entrepreneur, producer and co-founder of Atlanta-based content creation company, Tenderfoot TV.

Albright has spent the last 20 years working on a variety of entertainment projects with notable artists including, Jay-Z, OutKast, Usher, DJ Khaled, and many more. In 2016, Albright joined friend and music video director, Payne Lindsey, to launch Tenderfoot TV, a content creation company that works with fellow creators to bring stories to life through an array of entertainment media -- including podcasts, live shows, television, film, and other digital platforms.

Since its launch, Tenderfoot TV has successfully released multiple successful true crime podcast franchises including “Up and Vanished,” “Monster,”“Sworn,” and “To Live and Die in LA,” amassing over 500 million downloads in total in less than three years. Through Tenderfoot TV, Albright has garnered partnerships with media companies including iHeartRadio and Cadence13 continuously collaborating on new podcasts. He also brought on award-winning Rolling Stone journalist and bestselling author Neil Strauss to create Tenderfoot TV’s most recent No. 1 podcast, “To Live and Die in LA.”

As executive producer on all of Tenderfoot TV’s podcasts, Albright has been an integral in ensuring their true crime podcasts are not only entertaining, but most importantly, give authorities tools to uncover new leads and crack these cases that have gone under the radar for too long.“Up and Vanished” helped cracked the case of missing schoolteacher and beauty queen Tara Grinstead. It was followed by “Atlanta Monster,” which helped renew interest in the 29 cases of Atlanta’s missing and murdered children, known as the Atlanta Child Murders. The city of Atlanta announced in March 2019 that after 40 years it would be re-examining evidence in these cases. Tenderfoot TV’s popular podcast “To Live and Die in LA,” has given authorities evidence that there was more than one person involved in the death of aspiring Hollywood actress, Adea Shabani. Most recently, Tenderfoot TV has released three new true crime podcasts, “Culpable,” which hopes to solve a suicide that many believe to be a murder, “Insomniac,” which takes listeners inside the mind of serial killers and “Radio Rental”, transporting listeners into an mysterious world with real-life scary stories.

Albright also serves as executive producer on Tenderfoot TV’s “Up and Vanished” TV docu-series for Oxygen Networks that premiered in November 2018 and has been picked up as a full series. Dubbed a company that “knows how to keep listeners engaged” by Fast Company, Albright plans to continue that mentality of entertainment with a purpose as he leads other forthcoming projects, including podcasts and television series in development for 2019.  
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