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Aron Levitz
Wattpad WEBTOON Studios
Aron Levitz is President of Wattpad WEBTOON Studios, where he leads a visionary team of global entertainment and publishing experts to create data-backed, fan-driven hit TV shows, films, and books from WEBTOON and Wattpad. Levitz pioneered Wattpad’s adaptation business, launching Wattpad Studios in 2016 and serving as the company’s global studio head until the creation of Wattpad WEBTOON Studios. In just a few short years, Levitz grew Wattpad Studios from a concept to global leader in creating can’t-miss entertainment. A fan culture fanatic and engineer by training, Levitz combines analytic thinking with a lifelong passion for storytelling.  
  • 2023
February 7, 2023 | 12:00pm - 12:45pm PT