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Coming Soon: Let's DEW Lunch Season 3!

Let's DEW Lunch is back with another season! Starting March 1, 2022 Let's DEW Lunch, our webinar series will be back for season 3. We're excited to bring you more sessions featuring the best in streaming, entertainment, games, rightstech, music, and beyond! If you would like to watch previously recorded sessions, join our Patreon for exclusive access to Let's DEW Lunch recordings, webinar chat, and online event discounts! We'll be updating the page to continually offer new content, networking resources, and event news!
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Let's DEW Lunch began in March 2020 as a way to connect and uplift the digital entertainment community as we adjusted to our lives working from home. The series has continued thanks to the enthusiasm and support from attendees and speakers. Thank you to our sponsors, who allow us to provide this free series to the digital entertainment community!

Season 2 Sessions Included:

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