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  • 2021

Jim King

Spoken Giants
Jim King is CEO of Spoken Giants, LLC the world’s first and largest rights administration company for spoken word “genres” such as comedy, podcasting, and audio renderings of multiple formats. The company, founded with Damion Greiman and Ryan Bitzer in early 2019 provides services as a performance rights and mechanical rights company, and provides publisher services for its many affiliated members – comedians, podcasters, and other spoken word rights holders. Mr. King is also Chief Technology Officer for Outsell, Incorporated and for VNUE, Inc. Throughout his career and along with partners and with investors King has helped create numerous new companies including music consumption identification and licensing with Core Rights, consumer product identification and commerce company, GlooMedia, health AI and blockchain business, NRGHealth, and AI services company, Esteem Software Incorporated.

Previously King was the SVP of Business Operations and Information Technology for Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), Global CIO for UBM – PRNewswire, CIO for The McGraw-Hill Companies, CTO for LexisNexis and Reed Elsevier, Strategy Director for Microsoft, and Senior Engineer and Architect for AT&T Bell Labs and NCR Corporation.