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February 07, 2020
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM

Jennifer Freed

CEO & Founder Trevanna Tracks / Trevanna Post
Jennifer founded Trevanna Post, the gold standard in Post Production Accounting for more than 24 years, and has grown the company from a 2 person office in NYC’s historic Brill Building to an international firm with offices in NY, Los Angeles and London. Trevanna has worked with every major studio and mini-major, as well as dozens of independents, on over 600 films and television shows to date.

Trevanna Tracks is music licensing management software for content creators film, television, and video games. She created it from her unique perspective on the need for more efficient collaboration between those responsible for getting their music licensed, paid and delivered.

Jennifer’s access to industry experts enabled her to form a powerful think tank around these issues, and to build a platform that is a revolutionary new model for the future.

She graduated with a BA in Film & Communications from Stanford University, and is a founding member of the Post New York Alliance.
Earlier, Sriraman served as Executive Vice President of Franchise and Digital Enterprises at BBC Worldwide North America (now BBC Studios Americas), where she expanded brand platforms, maximized distribution outlets, developed new product and grew the home entertainment and licensing businesses to record breaking heights; adding a new distribution line-up of theatrical events for the key BBC brands including Doctor Who and BBC Earth.

Prior to joining BBC Worldwide North America, Srirman was President and Chief Executive Officer for Palisades Tartan US and UK where, she spearheaded the releasing of independent and arthouse films, relaunched the Tartan brand, and increased sales against a declining market. Sriraman was named among Home Media Magazine’s 40 Under 40 executives and held positions at Warner Home Video and Universal Home Entertainment. Soumya was also the Senior Vice President of theatrical marketing at Universal Music and Video’s filmed entertainment arm, Vivendi Entertainment. She is a member of the British American Business Association and is delighted to serve on the Advisory Board of the Bentonville Film Festival.