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  • 2020

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February 06, 2020
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Jamil Moledina

XP Consulting LLC
Jamil is an executive games consultant, with 20 years of operational, creative, business, and curation management experience in tech and games. He has held lead roles at Google, two game studio startups, Electronic Arts, and the Game Developers Conference – focusing on the commercial art of games for console, PC, mobile, VR/AR, and cloud game streaming platforms. Currently, he is consulting for film and TV production studios, game studios and publishers, leading tech platforms, and investment management firms, while exploring interactive narrative and creativity.

Throughout his career, Jamil has been passionate about storytelling. He wrote and published Tearing the Sky, a science fiction novel, and has directed three short films. He is currently developing an original screenplay about startup culture.

Jamil also founded and leads the game industry guild Nerfherders in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.