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  • 2020

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Evan Lowenstein


Evan Lowenstein relies on over 25 years of experience in the music industry to oversee all aspects of Stageit, a company that was recently named amongst the Top 10 Most Innovative in the World for Music by Fast Company magazine. As a recording artist, award-winning writer and tech geek, Lowenstein fused together his passions to create Stageit, an online video platform that would allow artists to stream and monetize concert-like live performances while interacting with their fans in real time. Evan has been featured in many publications, including NY Times, Forbes, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Businessweek, Entrepreneur and Fast Company, which also named Lowenstein one the Most Creative People in Business (Feb '14). Lowenstein is a dynamic leader and sought after speaker who has lectured and/or led field study programs at Harvard Business School, Wharton (U Penn), Tuck (Dartmouth), Northwestern, Emory University and more