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  • 2019

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February 05, 2019 
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Malibu/Santa Monica

Keatly Haldeman

RIptide Music Group
Keatly Haldeman, CEO of Riptide Music Group, co-founded sync licensing and music publishing company pigFACTORY prior to its merger with Riptide Music. Throughout his career as a music entrepreneur he has been hands-on with every aspect of the publishing business from A&R, creative, marketing, publishing, royalties, legal, finance, mergers, acquisitions and fundraising. He has been responsible for identifying, negotiating and signing hundreds of artists, songwriters and catalogs, including songs recorded by GRAMMY award-winning and iconic artists. The companies he has led have proactively generated over $25 million in income from the licensing of music to picture. Keatly is a lifelong musician, having played in rock bands since he was 11 years old and producing music for over 20 years.