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Opening Presentations: The Future of Brands, Marketing & Entertainment

February 05, 2019
9:40 AM - 10:15 AM
Bayview Ballroom
Visionary presenters give their perspectives on the future of digital entertainment followed by Q/A .

The Next Phase of the Streaming Revolution? Putting the AI in Entertainment
The average American spends over 12 hours per day with media (Source: Statista). Content is available at every angle, from various providers, leaving brands to fight for just a slice of the consumer’s day. In such a fragmented and competitive environment, how can M&E companies stay ahead? Harnessing the power of AI technology is vital, helping to drive viewer engagement, boost advertising revenue and streamline workflows for publishers. This session will discuss the future of the media landscape and how implementing AI technology creates a win-win for brands and consumers alike.
PRESENTER: David Kulczar, Senior Product Manager, IBM Watson Media

Diversity is one of the hot-button issues in media today, but the way we talk about culture, identity, and difference is shifting. Now that ideas about diversity and multiculturalism are table stakes, Omniculturalism—the belief that difference in identity (e.g. race, sexuality, religion) is not a barrier to relatability, but is instead a normal, and expected part of everyday life—is second nature to Millennials and people previously considered “others.” Breaking out of the logic that cultural difference like race or sexuality is niche or limiting, Omniculturalism demonstrates how Millennials have shifted the meaning of the “general market.” Whereas previous generations treated cultural difference as a sensitive subject, Millennials expect and want their brands and content-makers to engage with these issues from the insider perspective out. We’ll explore how this shift in cultural values affects conversations essential for brands looking to lead this exciting moment in society today.
PRESENTER: Linda Ong, Chief Culture Officer, Civic Entertainment Group


David Kulczar
Senior Product Manager,
IBM Watson Media
Linda Ong
Chief Culture Officer,
Civic Entertainment Group