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GAMES/ESPORTS: The State Of The Digital Games Market

February 04, 2019
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
Industry leaders discuss the state of the games industry as the business continues its transition towards a multi-platform future. What does it take to make a successful game these days across platforms? What emerging platforms will be the most important in the years to come? How do you acquire and retain users and make money in this increasingly complicated gaming universe? 

Casey Dickinson, CEO, FTX Games
Chris Petrovic, SVP & Head of Corporate Strategy, M&A and Business Development, Zynga Inc.
Jessica Rovello, CEO, Arkadium


Casey Dickinson
FTX Games 
Chris Petrovic
SVP & Head of Corporate Strategy, M&A and Business Development
Zynga Inc. 
Jessica Rovello