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February 05, 2018
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
Palisades Ballroom

Thomas Minkus

Managing Director,
IPR License

Thomas Minkus has over two decades of international book and digital publishing experience. He is the Managing Director of London-based IPR License (iprlicense.com), an online platform for book publishers to buy and sell rights internationally. Thomas is also a Vice President for the Frankfurt Book Fair (book-fair.com). He runs the company’s New York City office and is responsible for Fair’s rights-related products and services, as well as exhibitors and customers in all English languages markets. Book publishing trade magazine Publishing Perspectives (publishingperspectives.com) is also run out of the Fair’s New York office. Prior to joining the Fair in 2003, he worked as VP of Sales & Marketing for Learn Technologies,an educational publishing and technology company in New York City.