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February 06, 2018
11:30 PM - 1:00 PM
Catalina Ballroom

Josh Ritcher

Founder and CEO,
Flixa.TV and Cinecore

The concepts for Cinecore and Flixa TV grew organically out of Josh’s two decades on the front lines of Hollywood productions. From feature length films, to major sitcoms, to a variety of television shows, to documentaries, and to national commercials, Josh has worked as a top level leadman for both major studios and large television networks. In the daily process of shooting productions, Josh quickly understood that there were more efficient ways to keep track of, and coordinate, complex productions.

Josh’s industry expertise comes from the major networks, studios, and media companies he has worked for over the years: Viacom, NBC Universal, HBO, Discovery Network, Comedy Central, Fox, Hulu, Amazon, Showtime, and most recently as a producer and the art director on Shark Tank for the past nine years.

In these leadman's roles, Josh worked as a project manager in charge of creative teams and conducted high-level production coordination - where creative problem solving, smart staffing strategies, creative direction, cross department collaboration, team and independent time management, asset allocation, archiving, and client vendor relations were all paramount to the success of the production.

The complexity of productions led to the development of an innovative software solution and platform to streamline all facets of production. Now, with the addition of Flixa atop Cinecore, we will have TV's first interactive layer over top of major and popular Hollywood content, streamed directly to the average American viewer and e-commerce consumer.

Flixa will take the data captured during the filming of movies and TV shows, and push the data from the scene straight to consumers on streaming devices. For the first time ever, viewers are able to digitally interact with, and purchase items they see, directly from their screens via their laptops, tablets, and smart phones. The viewer-consumer will also be able to post to social media from their content, view shooting locations, and much, much more. Additionally, Flixa will track holistic viewer analytics and sell the data back to advertisers, studios, and major brands as primary sources of revenue.