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What Your Chief Technologist Wants You to Know After 15 Years in Advertising, Video & Print    

February 05, 2018
12:45 PM - 1:00 PM
VIP Lunch

Jonathan Rivers

Chief Technology Officer,
3Pillar Global
Jonathan Rivers is the Chief Technology Officer at 3Pillar Global, an Inc. 5000 developer of client-facing web and mobile applications. Jonathan leads 3Pillar’s Product and Engineering teams, including more than 750 software engineers, product consultants, product managers, quality assurance, and user experience professionals. An evangelist of customer-centric design, Jonathan spearheads a global team of developers who create vanguard digital products that align with a company’s business revenue objectives.

Jonathan offers a wealth of online advertising expertise. Prior to joining 3Pillar, he was the Interim CTO at The Telegraph of London. He also served as their Director of Service Delivery and Operations. Jonathan helped transform PBS into a digital leader in his role as Sr. Director of Web Operations and Customer Support. He also worked as the Executive Vice President of AdJuggler, a digital ad-serving platform that was acquired by Zenovia. In addition to being a motorcycle fanatic, Jonathan honorably served in the United States Marine Corps.