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February 06, 2018
3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Malibu / Santa Monica

Eunice Shin

Managing Director,
Manatt Digital

Eunice Shin is a managing director and head of consulting for Manatt Digital, a division of Manatt which offers innovative full-service business consulting and legal services, as well as venture capital. With 20 years of industry experience, Eunice has provided strategic consulting services as a trusted advisor to the major studios, new digital media platforms, and other leading media and entertainment and brand companies. She also analyzes and assesses potential digital media and technology investment opportunities for Manatt Venture Fund, an investment fund that focuses on early-stage participation in promising companies in the digital media space. Eunice is based out of the Los Angeles office.

Eunice is passionate about the transformative opportunity with customer engagement in the digital media space, and bridges her network of innovators, content creators, and digital media trailblazers to deliver game-changing results. Eunice is a thought leader in the latest disruptive innovations in the industry including MCNs, VR/AR, live streaming, and digital-first entertainment, and participates in numerous press and industry events.

Prior to joining Manatt, Eunice was the director of business development, consulting partner, and entertainment segment practice leader at Cognizant Business Consulting, where she provided business consulting to the media and entertainment industries. Prior to Cognizant, Eunice was at Strategic Vision Consulting and Accenture, where she provided management and technology consulting for leading media and entertainment clients.