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February 06, 2018
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
Palisades Ballroom

Amorette Jones

Pivotal Entertainment

Amorette Jones is a global market innovator with a track record of successfully launching new entertainment franchises, and is widely recognized as a pioneer in harnessing the power of viral and Internet marketing.​

Jones has brokered cutting-edge partnerships between entertainment and consumer brands, including Microsoft, BMW, PepsiCo, Dole Foods, Revlon, Cartier, Converse and Tommy Hilfiger.  ​

As a studio executive (Sony, Universal, MGM, Artisan, Orion), she played a key role in the success of The Blair Witch Project, the revitalization of the James Bond franchise, and Academy Award© winning films by Robert Redford, Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese. 

She has earned numerous professional awards, including Advertising Age Top 100 Marketer of the Year, Advertising Age Top 1,000 Ideas of the Decade, Licensing Magazine Top 40 Under 40, Publicist Guild Honor Awards, the Webby, and various "Best in Show" creative awards.