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TVOT & Harmonizing the Mobile-to-TV Paradigm: A Look at how TBS & TNT Use Data and Casting Technology to Reconnect the Living Room Viewing Experience

February 05, 2018
3:15 PM - 3:30 PM
Sierra Ballroom
Today, more than ever, viewer engagement is fragmented across screens, but one constant remains: When presented with long-form video content, consumers opt for the largest screen available. Long-form content (greater than 20 minutes in length) represents the majority of time spent watching video across all screen sizes, at 63%. The average consumer spends 3x more time watching long-form video on a big screen than they do on mobile screens. Additionally, research shows that while more than 85% of the long-form entertainment consumed on mobile devices is watched within the home, the biggest challenge for content owners has been creating a frictionless consumer experience that bridges mobile content viewing with the biggest screens in the home. Until now… Join Karina Kogan, SVP of Digital Media & Products for TBS and TNT as she presents an in-depth case study on the networks' innovative solution that utilizes casting technology to connect the viewer experience chasm of mobile discovery to television screens. 

Karina Kogan, SVP of Digital Media & Products, tbs/TNT


SVP of Digital Media & Products,