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4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Robin Burke

Creative Director
of Original Content & Executive;
Vice President, Ignition International
Robin’s career spans almost two decades, covers two continents and has deemed him worthy of winning awards at Promax, The Golden Trailer Awards and David Ogilvy Awards.

He’s earned his international reputation as an innovative mixed-medium storyteller with a skill set that ranges from art direction and motion graphic design to music arrangement and production.

A natural presenter with a knack for engaging any audience with only the use of a mic, Robin began his career as a national radio and TV broadcaster in the UK. This is where his love affair with the entertainment industry began. He remained in London transitioning from a radio personality to working in a creative capacity, holding senior roles at the BBC, Virgin, Channel 4 and Sony Pictures.

In 2010 he headed to sunny California and joined Ignition — a leading agency that develops cutting edge advertising and marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in digital and entertainment.

Making waves with his work in LA, Robin returned to his motherland entrusted with co-founding Ignition London, the company’s first overseas office.

Back in LA post operation-London’s success, Robin leads high profile global campaigns for companies, including, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox, and produces content for brands, such as, Pepsi, Volvic, Gucci and Apple.

As the creative director of original content, he is a key player within Ignition’s powerhouse of talent, producing award-winning digital content that combines the art of brand advertising with the attitude of entertainment storytelling.

Robin is a charismatic and likable character with the enviable gift of being able to share his knowledge and insights to instigate an appealing discussion with anyone, beginners to digital connoisseurs.

He loves discovering new music and true to his British roots, has a weakness for afternoon tea.