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4:00 PM -4:30 PM

Rian Bosak

Network Operations Fullscreen, Inc

Since 2012 Rian Bosak has served as the Vice President of Network Operations for Fullscreen. This role encompasses overseeing the YouTube Content Management System, the daily channel traffic from YouTube in and out of the network, digital rights management for creator and O&O content on YouTube and Facebook and direct YouTube support for our growing creator community. Additionally Rian is responsible for creating and building Fullscreen’s Searchlight technology.

Prior to Fullscreen Rian was a founding member of StyleHaul where he was highly involved in creating the base of the now successfully acquired company and briefly at Machinima working as an assistant director.

Rian’s foray in to digital was preceded by an 8-year career working in reality tv production. Working on shows like Super Nanny, Dr. Phil, The Simple Life and Trading Spouses Rian started as a production assistant and worked his way up the ladder to run daily technical operations of these sets around the country.

Rian was awarded his Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Pacific Lutheran University in 2003.