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Patrick Starrr

Male Beauty Influencer
Patrick Starrr is a YouTube talent/beauty influencer and self-taught makeup artist. Patrick began his journey into the beauty space as a professional photographer in Orlando, FL. After growing tired of airbrushing his clients makeup in Photoshop, Patrick picked up the brush and mastered the art of makeup himself.

Patrick has over 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.8 million followers on Instagram. This past year, Patrick collaborated with Formula X and Sephora to create three custom nail polishes and was the only influencer/curator whose nail polishes sold out completely. Patrick was recently appointed as an official social correspondent for NBC’s Hairspray Live! Facebook Live broadcast. The livestream has over three million views to date. This year, Patrick has also participated in countless celebrity collabs, including: Eva Mendes, Tyra Banks, Shay Mitchell, Mariah Carey, Keke Palmer etc. and traveled the world with top makeup brands such as: Tarte, Mac, Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay, etc. to help promote new products/lines.

Recently named one of the 15 beauty influencers to follow on Snapchat by POPSUGAR, Patrick has been featured in many established publications including: The New York Times, NYLON, Marie Claire and Allure Magazine – sharing a plethora of beauty knowledge as well as tips and tricks along the way.

Born in New York but raised in Orlando, FL, Patrick currently resides in Los Angeles with his brother, Peter and his extensive beauty room.