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Mike Johns

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Mike Johns is one of North America’s foremost management consultants, public speaker, writer and thinkers on humanizing technology into everyday life. He founded Digital Mind State, a Marketing & Technology Management consultancy firm specializing in the global convergence of mobility, digital communications, and cross-platform marketing. Through Digital Mind State, Johns worked with Finnish company Flowd in successfully evaluating and addressing market assessment, sales and marketing effectiveness, go-to-market strategies, and new business operating models. He’s conducted global consulting for Chinese based Hansun Technology and the development of an Android powered set top box for US distribution. His guidance led to the creation of new concepts that increased user engagement, grew content distribution opportunities, and added new revenue streams. Other successful long-term projects involved technology-enabled engagement solutions, standards, product marketing, evangelism, and new client development for Fortune 500 clients including HTC, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Nokia, Microsoft, Rockstar, and Jamba.

Johns focuses his efforts on helping his clients develop and implement a strategic vision. The vision is served by wireless broadband, technology innovations, and mobile services together with multimedia content and next generation applications to create compelling analog/digital experiences that especially appeal to today’s always-on and connected generation. Each strategic visions is defined with the ultimate goals of increasing point-of-purchase impulse buying, enhancing customer loyalty, increasing brand recognition, and expanding new revenue streams within B2B and B2C customer bases. In 2012, after years of studying the relationship between humanity and technology and its impact on social advancement, Johns launched I Am Digital “Humanizing Technology Into Everyday Life.” This one-day symposium, which debuted at the highly acclaimed CTIA SHOW 2013, focused on explosive social changes that are fueled by technology. “For the first time ever, highly intelligent creatures can study their environment and devise powerful ways to deal with its problems,” says Johns. “The result: a future of total awesomeness. However, this future requires an extreme paradigm shift, diverse in nature; and we must all be prepared!”

His new book, Population 2.0 “From Man to Robot,” will be published in 2014. It explores the transformation of humanity; artificial intelligence; prospect of Android robotics; brain-computer interfaces; the emergence of an immortal meta-intelligences and the realization of cybernetic immortality. In addition to his speaking and consulting engagements and books, Johns writes for a number of publications, including the Mob76 Outlook and IPTV NEWS. An industry go-to guy for all things digital, Johns is a highly sought after source and speaker for articles, interviews, and conferences worldwide. In furtherance of his mission to transform education with the infusion of technology, Mr. Johns was recently appointed to the Board of Trustees for the Silveri Service Learning Academy Charter School in Atlanta, GA. Johns lives in Culver City, California but can be found at a beach somewhere around the globe where the weather is warm and sunny!