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Ivica Simatovic


Ivica has been a pioneer of the content integration in the tech space before the dial up modem existed. Specialized in servicing and creating strategic business relationships with major brands. As COO of SD-media in Vienna, Austria, Ivica was instrumental in managing several large clients, including Telecom, Blaupunkt, Philips, Allianz and Young & Rubicam, while expanding the company’s reach throughout the Global broadband market. Ivica also consulted and worked for commercial campaigns of MTV, Sony, Epic, Arista, BMG and several major production studios as a consultant, engineer and producer for hardware, software and production implementations. Recently, Ivica co-founded Furthr.la, a software development company in Venice, CA that was awarded for a web-design and for the organization and technical support of a few hackathons for SXSW and LA area. Ivica is the CEO of Gamecredits, company that specializes in blockchain monetization applications for the gaming industry. A member of Apigee Institute, band member of the AOAmusic.com and volunteers as a technology mentor at the Santa Monica public schools in his spare time.