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4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Dipak M. Patel

Co-Founder & CEO,
Zeality, Inc.

Dipak M. Patel is Co-Founder & CEO of Zeality, Inc. – the leading provider of innovative cloud solutions for delivering immersive media content across all connected devices.

Prior to launching Zeality, he was chartered to lead a transformation of G-Technology, a Western Digital Brand & leader in storage solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry, by re-inventing fundamental operating and go to market models as well as driving a culture of innovation and disruption. Dipak is also the Founder & Managing Director of BIG Visioneering – an innovation consultancy which helps large multi-national technology companies chart new disruptive growth initiatives, Mentor at Wearable World – a media and innovation platform that connects businesses to the social fabric of the IoT and Wearable Things industry, Advisor for DataRPM – a next generation intelligence and analytics platform for big data solutions, and Advisor for ERASE Child Trafficking – an organization dedicated to ending child trafficking, bringing awareness and education to communities, and recovering children from trafficking situations. Spanning three decades in Silicon Valley, he’s known for being an innovative and high-energy executive who empowers boundary-breaking companies and helps them become industry leaders.

“There are two distinct functions in Visioneering: Imagination & Invention. Before anyone can invent the future, they need to imagine it”. – Dipak M. Patel