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3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Santa Monica / Malibu

Dave Swartz

President and Chief Creative Officer,
MEDL Mobile
MEDL Mobile is a custom mobile development agency that has architected, developed and launched more than 400 iOS and Android mobile applications for companies that range from Hyundai, Experian, GSN, Medtronic and Taco Bell to Marlee Matlin, Sarah Silverman, Real Madrid and Ted from Universal Pictures. MEDL’s development experience is incredibly diverse, having built social media platforms, games, mhealth apps, branded experiences and iOT devices and software. Under Dave’s guidance, several MEDL apps have reached as high as #1 in their respective categories and MEDL apps have been downloaded tens of millions of times. MEDL Mobile and Dave’s team were the original creators of the pioneering “Hang w/“ a monetized live streaming video platform – which reached a total of 8 million users with live streaming video.