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3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Robert Ilas

VP, Brand Partnerships,
ION-Influencer Orchestration Network

At the heart of influencer marketing is authentic story telling and effectively communicating how your brand and product can impact the viewers’ lives. After years of bad advertising in form of banner ads and other intrusive ad formats pushed by agencies who felt this was in their client’s best interest, the millennial viewers are adopting ad blockers at an increasing rate. In addition programmatic advertising, also with its negative perceptions around fraud and false metrics, are key reasons why advertising must improve and be produced with higher standards. My goal is to prove to marketers that the power of influencer marketing is that it can reach, and engage their customers on an emotional level and that the aim should be an always-on approach to sustaining the awareness of the brand being highlighted. Some of the brands which I have worked with include Sony Pictures, FanDuel, AMC Networks, MVMT and much more.