Grey Jean Technologies

Grey Jean Technologies is a predictive personalization company that improves customer acquisition and sales across all channels. Genie, the company’s AI-powered recommendation engine, provides the most accurate predictions of consumer behavior, enabling brand marketers to improve their targeting of customers and prospects to drive desired actions. Genie combines analysis of more than 500 behavioral attributes with numerous offline and online customer data sources – evaluating them alongside context gleaned from transaction history, demographics, location, time, purchase behavior, as well as more unconventional data points, such as political preference and lifestyle choice – to identify what is influencing purchase behavior the most and predict future purchases. Genie does this by weighting these data feeds and using them to improve its predictive algorithms in real time through machine learning. This unique approach brings huge benefits to brands – in recent tests with customers, Genie has shown a 72% accuracy rate in predicting a next likely purchase at the category level. This accuracy enables brands to improve personalization and micro-targeting, but also take actions that will be the most effective with each consumer. While retailers make up the majority of Grey Jean Technologies’ customers, Genie’s underlying technology has the potential to assist a wide range of industries and applications, from creating more engaging events and trade shows to helping deploy more effective advertising. Recently, Grey Jean Technologies has begun working with Air Age Media to enable the digital publisher to target current and prospective readers with relevant content and to increase the value of its advertising as publishers look to combat dwindling readership and subscriber levels.