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3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Mailbu / Santa Monica

Andrew Schneider


Andrew Schneider joined BAMTECH Media as Chief Marketing Officer in June 2017. Andrew has more than 20 years experience developing ecosystems for new technologies, pioneering new digital business models and innovating consumer experiences. Prior to joining BAMTECH Media, Andrew served as Chief Digital Officer for TEGNA, the largest independent broadcaster in the US, where he was responsible for delivering relevant, innovative and impactful digital content to nearly 90 million adults nationwide. 

In 2007 Andrew co-founded Live Gamer, which launched as a gaming e-commerce platform before later rebranding as Emergent Payments, an online payments company. As co-founder and president, he was responsible for setting the company’s overall strategy and was instrumental in initiating new digital business models for Live Gamer clients, including Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Facebook, Electronic Arts and Yahoo!. Andrew led the company through a rapid phase of growth, scaling the business to a 2015 successful exit with sale to Autodesk. 

Andrew has also held senior leadership positions at NBC Interactive, Sony Pictures Digital and Wind-up Records where he led efforts to rethink the way entertainment companies leverage the internet for marketing, content distribution and revenue generation.