2017 Finalists

Congratulations to the 2017 DEW Startup of the Year!


Thank You to the 12 Finalists for the 2017 DEW Startup Award

Dot Blockchain Music Dot Blockchain Music. (“dotBC”) is developing a new technology architecture and applications to modernize digital music files, the digital music supply chain, rights ownership information, and payment processing. We are committed to an open architecture that will support a minimum viable dataset for musical compositions and sound recordings, and which is populated, maintained and shared via a decentralized public database, leveraging blockchain technology. We are also committed to promoting the broad adoption of the dotBC platform by focusing on open source coding standards. dotBC will address many the key issues the recorded music industry faces, including:

  • The lack of shared rights ownership information and inability to track changes over time;
  • The over-writing of metadata associated with music files;
  • The lack of interoperability between music industry stakeholder systems;
  • Disparate implementation of standards and protocols across the industry; and
  • Multimedia and multi-track requirements for the industry.

It’s a truly big idea, and one we are already building toward. We released our initial code to GitHub in August 2016. Our robust technology architecture leverages current web standards and is geared toward a collaborative development effort across interested business participants. We have presented at over 25 industry conferences and have met with over 200 key media and technology industry players to date. Discussions are advancing with various early potential partners across all of the music business in our effort to drive adoption of dotBC/ By the DEW conference, we anticipate having at least 5 key industry players as paid clients working with us. dotBC’s co-founders are the most experienced team in the music rights technology space today. We are an early-to-market effort with deep domain expertise, music industry and business experience, and critical technology and media relationships to execute our vision. http://dotblockchainmusic.com Core Rights Core Rights is the future of IP/music licensing – now. Core Rights creates digital marketplaces that power entire country and customer licensing needs. Delivered digital marketplaces manage a supply chain for licensing, including: predictive venue/licensee lead qualification, marketplace membership generation, ecommerce, digital contracts, and transaction management – as well as integration into existing PRO and other rights holder organizations. Core Rights delivers highly intelligent sales lead generation capabilities providing market penetration beyond anything available to the music industry. Primary product is the MLX platform (Music Licensing eXchange), an integrated direct licensing electronic marketplace where digital agents representing business owners, rights holders, and music suppliers “meet” to create the greatest value for all market participants. This intelligent, blockchain-enabled, and multi patent-pending solution is simple to use and a highly efficient one-stop shop for customers to license the IP/music rights necessary for their businesses. Core Rights primary product/revenue delivery is from fees charged through the MLX platform deployed for customer participants. For each license processed Core Rights charges a fee based on a recurring license rate or a new licensed lead rate. We also monetize the analytics and lead generation within the marketplace as each market is made up of (1) venue owners as the “buyers”, (2) rights holders as the “sellers”, and (3) “suppliers” of value into the marketplace. We create liquidity in our delivered markets bymanaging and improving the current licensing process of our customers (performing rights organizations, publishers, and other rights holders) for general licensing needs and doing this at a much higher efficiency rate than current practices. We also grow penetration into the addressable market through our innovative lead generation services – thus growing new revenue for our rights holders. We create demand in the market through attracting and powering market participant suppliers of ancillary values to the licensing marketplace members, such as product and service companies wanting to reach those licensees. Current customers: Announced in October, we are building the MLX-based Canadian licensing platform for SOCAN and Re:Sound. We also have announced our first US marketplace customer, Global Music Rights. GMR is Irving Azoff’s US-based PRO. Pilots with other rights holder companies and country organizations will help grow our business in 2017 and beyond.  www.corerights.com NPREX (National Performing Rights Exchange) NPREX (National Performing Rights Exchange) is the first online “exchange” for direct licensing of public performance rights between music owners and music users (broadcasters, streaming services, etc.). In the US music users spend $3 Billion annually on public performance licenses to use songs/recordings. No free market exchange existed for direct licensing between music rights owners and users, until now, with NPREX. Not a Performing Rights Organization, NPREX is a patent-pending platform for direct licensing where music owners and music users can meet online to negotiate their own deals. NPREX is founded by Lee Greer, former head economist of BMI. Lee grew frustrated with the collective licensing system and left BMI to develop NPREX. He first created a patent pending pricing algorithm to help parties reach accurate pricing outside of the traditional collective music licensing system. He then developed an online exchange platform to easily connect both sides. The other co-founders are seasoned music industry professionals and entrepreneurs. NPREX implements a simple, elegant, market-based licensing solution that costs a fraction of the current paradigm, and finally puts the performing rights industry on solid economic and legal footing. For pennies on the dollar, NPREX empowers music rights holders of all sizes to deal directly with licensees across all sources – radio, TV, digital and general licensing. NPREX helps copyright owners help themselves. The NPREX platform includes a well-designed bidding mechanism that generates actual market prices. This bidding mechanism is the future of the performing rights industry and represents the solution to the antitrust problems associated with collective licensing. NPREX serves as the one-stop shop for direct licensing in songs and sound recordings. Music Users will pay for what they play. Rights owners will be paid when their music is used. The price paid is the price negotiated directly through the NPREX exchange. NPREX will generate revenue by charging a 5% transaction fee for all licensing activity on its platform. The current collective licensing system charges approximately an 18% fee, saving the industry $300M+ annually. www.nprex.com Grey Jean Technologies Grey Jean Technologies is a predictive personalization company that improves customer acquisition and sales across all channels. Genie, the company’s AI-powered recommendation engine, provides the most accurate predictions of consumer behavior, enabling brand marketers to improve their targeting of customers and prospects to drive desired actions. Genie combines analysis of more than 500 behavioral attributes with numerous offline and online customer data sources – evaluating them alongside context gleaned from transaction history, demographics, location, time, purchase behavior, as well as more unconventional data points, such as political preference and lifestyle choice – to identify what is influencing purchase behavior the most and predict future purchases. Genie does this by weighting these data feeds and using them to improve its predictive algorithms in real time through machine learning. This unique approach brings huge benefits to brands – in recent tests with customers, Genie has shown a 72% accuracy rate in predicting a next likely purchase at the category level. This accuracy enables brands to improve personalization and micro-targeting, but also take actions that will be the most effective with each consumer. While retailers make up the majority of Grey Jean Technologies’ customers, Genie’s underlying technology has the potential to assist a wide range of industries and applications, from creating more engaging events and trade shows to helping deploy more effective advertising. Recently, Grey Jean Technologies has begun working with Air Age Media to enable the digital publisher to target current and prospective readers with relevant content and to increase the value of its advertising as publishers look to combat dwindling readership and subscriber levels. http://gjny.com Maestro Maestro is targeting a very specific customer segment of broadcasters; businesses who have become broadcasters over the last few years as they’ve started to introduce live streaming into their marketing mix. In eSports that means publishers, leagues, and teams. What we’re finding is that most of our customers have established viewerships, but it’s not clear how to grow their audiences. Their first idea is usually to create better content, but we don’t really see correlation between quality and viewership. Their next idea is to do better marketing, but these companies have entire marketing teams—so what is it that they’re missing? When we dove into that question we realized that there’s a flaw in the way we’re measuring livestream performance. Right now all we have are views, concurrents, and watch time. That really isn’t much useful information to build a strategy. Think about Netflix for example, who have tons of user data that they use to create original content programming with a very high success rate-80%. We want to bring this same approach to any broadcaster. So that’s where we start—with an audience CRM to track user-level behaviors. That allows us to answer important questions like retention—who comes back every time we do a stream; or who are my most engaged fans; or who is likely to transact as a result of watching the stream. Now, the reason we call the platform Maestro is because during the stream there is a person who is the Maestro of the digital experience, orchestrating engagement on the fly. They use overlays and panels to drive user actions at key moments during the stream. Polls, messages, commerce transactions, contests, social spotlights, and more make the experience fun and engaging for the user while collecting valuable data. http://info.maestro.io/ VRTIFY VRTIFY is reinventing the way the world produces, consumes and shares music. The company’s revolutionary technology provides music fans a new way to experience their favorite music through the immersive power of Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MxR). Music lovers can now interact with their favorite artists and songs like never before, transporting them to unique and exclusive situations (like being on-stage or backstage at a concert, taking part of a band rehearsal or enjoying an exclusive and personal meet-and-greet) and develop their own custom-created virtual music experiences. VRTIFY’s cross platform end-to-end 360, VR & MxR solutions empower artists, tech players, content providers, developers and advertisers with a new distribution platform to connect with music fans through innovative, top-quality music content. Users can now create their own channels, share their music experiences, attend LIVE concerts together and follow their favorites artists, events or music groups of interest. VRTIFY becomes a complete music social network that brings the most popular applications and music service providers to life through virtual and mixed reality. VRTIFY is the world’s largest VR Music Library: +50 concerts filmed, 30 top #100 US artists filmed (Sting, Coldplay, Twenty-One Pilots, Florence & The Machine and many more). www.vrtify.com Pilotly Pilotly enables media publishers to run digital focus groups at scale with precise audience segmentation. Our research solution is composed of a multi-platform video portal / APIs, interactive engagement tools for viewers, and dynamic reporting for clients. Our platform collects data and displays it instantly to an online dashboard. Today content creators waste nearly a billion dollars a year on videos that either never find an audience or never find proper distribution. Pilotly helps creators make better business decisions based on actual viewer data from their target audience. Unlike current pilot tests that only offer reporting once, we are able to publish updated reports with actionable insights on-demand. Furthermore, our viewers remain within Pilotly to watch many pilots; so over time, we better understand their preferences as they increase their engagement with our platform. We are building the viewer data pipeline for the future of media entertainment. http://business.pilot.ly Stagelink Stagelink is a global platform enabling digital talents to crowdsource live experiences. Accurately predicting live demand, Stagelink provides the link between online and offline entertainment while connecting fans with their stars. https://stagelink.com/ Guru Guru partners with cultural institutions (museums, zoos, aquariums, etc) to enhance the visitor experience through location aware mobile apps, cutting edge AR/VR technology and riveting content. Not only we do we help our partners provide more exciting and memorable experiences for guests, Guru acts as a business enhancement tool through data collection and analysis which is used for everything from planning exhibits, creating target markets for campaigns to increasing merchandise sales and donation. Guru charges nothing upfront, eliminating a major barrier to entry in our space and instead taking $1 per visitor to the institution (paid by the institution). This MRR model has been embraced by the cash strapped institutions Guru services and Guru has already secured 6, 5-year contracts within 12 months of launching our product. www.theguru.co Sceenic Watch Together: The 1st B2B immersive solution for co-viewing TV and OTT together with your friends via face to face video. Sceenic provides the Watch Together software to broadcasters, cable operators and media companies in order to increase their audience engagement by allowing users to experience video content together with close friends. Sceenic charges a licensing fee of $0.15 per end user per month that is paid from the broadcaster or cable operator to Sceenic. www.sceenic.co Wonda VR Wonda VR makes its easy for content creators and brands to create and share highly engaging VR Video experiences on any VR platforms. Building on our team’s 10-year succesfull track-record in multimedia production and software development, we designed the most intuitive and powerful software dedicated to VR video app publishing on Mobile VR Platforms (iOS, Android, Oculus Mobile, Google Daydream). With Wonda VR, anyone with a 360° camera and basic skills in video editing can now explore the power of VR for your entertainment, training or marketing business. By simple drag and drop, you can start adding interactive layers instantly to create you own VR experience using your 360° videos. No need for a costly game engine developer. Making prototypes is fast. Publishing accros VR platforms becomes affordable and accessible. We released Wonda VR only 6 month ago and we already have more than 1,500 professional registered users in 60 countries growing 20% every month, 150 of which are already paying. They are production studios from Melbourne to New York making immersive product presentation for top brand like Telstra, Ebay or Airbus. Or top educational institutions such as NYU or Singapore University working on exploring the power of interactive storytelling in VR. With the rise of affordable, easy to use 360° video camera and well-designed VR headset such as Google Daydream Viewer, more than 200,000 professional creators are expected to start making VR videos by the end of 2017. Our goal is to become the #1 creation software for this new generation of content makers. http://www.wondavr.com Pivotshare Pivotshare is the world’s leading open subscription video network. Our technology lets anyone create their own branded channel or syndicate their content to existing channels. Our Collaboration technology lets multiple creators contribute content to the same channel, where our patent-pending PlayRank algorithm calculates revenue splits fairly based on performance metrics. Pivotshare also manages the syndication of larger channels onto third party platforms such as Amazon and LeEco for additional distribution. Our platform services a range of publishers, from small businesses to large media companies, YouTube personalities, celebrities, and everything in between. www.pivotshare.com