2016 Startup Finalists

Congratulations to the 12 Finalists for the 2016 DEW Startup Award

“Winning the competition gave our business model the validation we needed to get more partnerships, prizes and external support. Who would of thought that those 8 minutes at the pitch stage would change the trajectory of our startup.” -Christine Souffrant, CEO & Founder, Vendedy


An IFP Audience Choice Award winner, ProductionPro is the easiest way to automatically create a visual breakdown of a script, so everyone can place the designs and ideas into the structure of the story being told, and share it in real-time. Grab your iPad and set up your free account today!


Making Fun, Inc. is a mobile and social game developer and publisher whose successful titles include Dominion (licensed), Mage and Minions, BloodRealm, Hidden Express and our forthcoming third hidden object adventure game, Three for Truth.


Videocheckout can convert any video into fun, engaging shopping experience. Videocheckout is fully compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email campaigns and custom landing pages. A client can now sign up, get activated, trained and selling directly within Facebook in less than an hour.


MediaHound is a technology company based in El Segundo, CA. Their platform, The Entertainment Graph, connects all the world’s music, books, games, movies, and TV to power universal search and personalized discovery across a wide range of partner apps and platforms. Not just limited to entertainment metadata, this first-of-its-kind database includes the people, social activity, genres, moods, and other traits that put entertainment content in context.

Caremob is a social mobile app that unites people as news breaks and events unfold. The app uses a patent-pending “one touch” technology to help people around the world form virtual movements of peace, protest, empathy, celebration, support and mourning in response to breaking news and current events.


NextUser is an open platform that bridges the gap between analytics, personalization, and marketing automation to enable user personalization that increases engagement, conversion and lifetime customer value.


IQID is changing how people do P2P transactions over the internet. We verify your government ID and add in your social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, PayPal, Ebay) and give you a trust score in a shareable profile. This helps build trust and transparency over the internet and in person to person interactions. Similar to a functional digital business card that is validated with your government ID, IQID can be used instead of a physical ID, helping commerce transactions become faster, safer and more efficient.

Rock My World collects, analyzes and applies biometric feedback to curate and personalize music.  This improves exercise and wellbeing, adds tremendous value to wearable devices and changes the way that we consume media.


Sidestep is a platform that is changing the way that fans experience live events by enabling mobile ordering before, during, and after a show. Fans can now skip long lines and order for VIP pickup at the show or delivery to their doorstep. Artists are seeing an increase in sales by up to 15% every night and for the first time are able to capture fan data on purchases to further identify, engage, and monetize fans who attend their live events.


Parachute TV is the first TV channel on Periscope.  Through a single Periscope account, we program more than 50 scheduled shows a week, in the process creating more than 30 hours of original high quality content. Thanks to our large following, we are helping live-streaming influencers scale and expand their creative reach.  We also help our influencers connect directly with brands through our live-streaming talent network arm, Lifestream.


A user generated content platform operating in the mobile space; enabling citizen journalism, live artist/listener interaction and instant socialization of events.

gearfrontier Gear Frontier is where toys-to-life gaming becomes a blockbuster action movie car chase. You play a new teen driver that broke the rules, but instead of traffic school, you were sent to the Gear Frontier for some extreme driver’s ed. Prove to the world that you are the best driver: build your perfect car, squad up with your friends, battle together online against the world, an dominate the Frontier. This business began at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, and has received investment and support from the Amplify LA business accelerator.